Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Bye 2009, Hello 2010!!

Since Eric left on Wednesday, I was just kind of in all around blah mood New Years Eve. I was supposed to hang out with friends but that didn't happen because I felt like being alone. I drove up to my moms house and have been there since! Eric was staying at a hotel in Texas so we got to talk when both Texas and California had their New Years! I was glad about that! Now I don't usually set resolutions because I always seem to break them so instead I'm making a list of things I will try to do! Here goes:

1) Drink more water
2) Not eat fast food (and if I have to, make better choices)
3) Keep going to Weight Watchers
4) Read more, watch TV less
5) Be a better wife
6) Exercise
7) Keep my room clean
8) Make better food choices
9) Journal
10) Don't interrupt Eric when he's talking
11) Listen better
12) Decide what I want to do with my life
13) Be a better friend
14) Pick up a few hobbies
15) Save money


The Shavers said...

Hey, trying leads to doing! You can do it :)

NavyBaby said...


All your resolutions sound very achievable, good luck with them!