Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Make The Best Care Package(s) Ever!!!

This post is for all you military wives out there! You know who you are lol :) Its also for any one else who want to know how to make the best care package ever! And this is for my sanity because I am so bored I could die!! Enjoy!!

Step #1: Gather a box or more depending on how much your going to send!

Step #2: Gather all your supplies for packing! Tape, scissors, pens, paper, bubble wrap, whatever you get the idea.
Step #3: Buy everything your husband needs, wants, asks for or you think he would like! Also talk your parents and or relatives into buy things for the person who is gone one!

Step #4: Line everything up nicely on your living room floor so you can proceed to take unnecessary pictures of everything your going to send for blogging purposes.

Shout out to my mom and Rich for supplying a lot of the things here for Eric

Step #5: Then attempt to take a half way decent picture of yourself with everything you have :)

Step #6: Pick a box to start packing...

Step #7: Dont forget to think of all the children while shopping. Then decide to send them America's gift...CANDY!! Buy some much that you have to dedicate one whole box for sweets.

Eric said the Afghan children don't know how to say much in English but they do follow them around saying: "Soldier....CHOCOLATE" while pointing to their mouth.

Step #8: Continue to pack your boxes as you see fit. This one is complete with only hygiene products with the exception of the gum. I had no where else to put it, so into that box it went! Make sure to send lots and lots of soap so that way your husband can donate it to boys who have somewhat forgotten what it means to shower while deployed!

Step #9: Pack the next box with all of your favorite snacks as well as his. Make sure to send things that remind him of home!

Step #10: Write a note and or letter for every box you have. I tend to use markers so that way Eric remembers what colors look like. Stay away from green and brown since its what they see all the time!

Step #11: Kiss everything that's inside, tape them up, hug them a few times then cover the boxes if necessary! That way when they are opened, the love just floats through the air!

Step #12: Make a huge pile of trash and try to figure out what to do with it all!
The following day take it to the post office and spend $86.00 to send him all 4 boxes!

I had so much fun getting all of this stuff ready to send to Eric. I think it makes them have a little piece of home with them while they are so far away! A huge thanks to my mom and Rich again for buying Eric a lot of this stuff. Sending boxes is the least I can do to make Eric happy even if its just for a few moments! I hope you enjoyed my semi-silly post and please leave me a comment!!!

***Editors note: I do not usually send Eric this much stuff at one time! I send a small box a week, this week it just so happened I had so much to send out!!***

Saturday, August 29, 2009

On the road to...


So thanks to my wonderful husband and the Army, I officially started Rosetta Stone today. It has been waiting for me to start learning for month, but I haven't had the time or motivation. As you may or may not know, Eric is fluent in Spanish. He lived in Mexico for a short time during his youth and was forced to learn. I am Mexican and have always wanted to become fluent but it never happened.

I have to laugh at my self because I sound so funny talking to the computer. I love the way this program teaches and I highly recommend it! Not sure how long it will take but I'm having a blast so far. I cant wait for Eric to call so I can show him what I have learned! Its mainly about colors, clothes, animals and other basic things. I'm so proud of myself! Wish me luck :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Great America!!

Finally after lots of effort, I got all of my pictures in the right order! I need someone to tell me what the trick is to loading them, because I had to put the from the bottom to the top! So anyway, last Saturday, my dad was nice enough to take Lexus and I to the San Jose area for an over night trip. I must say I had a blast! It was nice to spend some time with just my dad and Lexus. We stayed at the embassy suites in Santa Clara I think! Saturday night we went to dinner at Bennigans then we went back to the hotel for time in the pool. Sunday we spent the day at Great America which was awesome!! I hadn't been there in almost 7 years, maybe longer. A huge thanks to Lexus for taking pictures. My dad has some too but I haven't gotten a copy of them yet.

We stayed in room 413, very nice hotel I must say! Amazing breakfast in the morning and the beds were comfy too :)

The view from our room, beautiful parking lot! lol

Lexus and I in the parking lot at Great of America! I have yet to figure out how to rotate pictures, but you get the idea!

Lexus was trying to make it appear as if I was holing the Star Tower in my hand but we couldn't get it right!

After waiting at the front gates for about 15 minutes, we finally got in and who did we see... SPONGE BOB! He and I have a thing going for each other, hopefully Eric wont mind lol!

My dad with my new boyfriend!

After hanging out with Sponge Bob, we headed over to ride Top Gun. It actually has a different name, but my whole life its been Top gun and it will always be that to me! We went on the ride 2 times and it was great!!

This picture is purely on here to show that I actually drooled all over myself while on Top Gun! Embarrassing I know, but I couldn't help myself.

Here's a picture of Lexus driving a little car. We couldn't have picked a better day to go, this ride had the longest wait time of all the rides!

This is Drop Zone! Its 22 stories tall and you fall at a rate of 62 miles per hour and it only takes 3 seconds! Talk about intense, it had a beautiful view from the time but when you finally fall you don't even have time to think!

This is my favorite picture of the day! We are waiting in line for the Sponge Bob 3D ride! Notice we are soaking wet. That was from the rafting ride that we went on before!

Lexus and I with the Fairly Odd Parents. They were much shorter in person than they look on TV.
There is a carousel that's 2 levels. We rode this at the end of the day!

Along with all these picture, we went on a lot of other rides but I have no pictures for those. I had so much fun spending time with my dad and Lexus. It hasn't changed a whole lot and it took me back to being a kid!


OK so I was going to post about my trip to the California State Fair with my mom and Rich but some how I didn't upload the pictures onto the CD the correct way. Just my luck of course!! We had a blast, and when I finally do get the pictures I will post them! There's going to be a few posts coming after this but Ill use this as my update. Things here in Cali are going great! I'm making more friends all the time and part of me is thinking about staying. I have been doing a whole lot of nothing but I've been to busy to post!

Onto an Eric update: Things there in Afghanistan have been very busy and also stressful. Last week on August 17Th, unit 1-17 lost 2 soldiers SPC Troy Tom and PFC Jonathan Yanney. Please keep their families in your thoughts through this tough time. Some other incidents have occurred but I cant go into that. The phones and internet were shut down for about a week due to what was going on. I finally heard Eric on Thursday after not hearing from him for about 5 days. He received the hug box that Amanda, Kaitlyn and I sent, finally!! Hopefully it will keep him busy for a while until he gets the rest of the boxes. He seems to be in good spirits and usually in a good mood when we talk. He said hes ready to come home and have some real food! To bad I cant send him fresh food to eat lol! I miss him like crazy and I love him more each day!

Well thats all on the up date front! I have a few other posts including pictures!! I love pictures :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

I really...

Have like 4 blogs to post, but I have been procrastinating big time! Hopefully I get them done soon, hang in there :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here it is 2:51 am and I am still wide awake! Its probably because I didn't wake up until 1pm since I had a long night with Amanda at the Grad. I was looking at someone else's blog and the song "I'll be seeing you" by Billie Holiday came on. It made me think about the Notebook and I just felt that I had to come on here and write something. The Notebook makes me think so much about love. Not just the love that Eric and I share, but all different types of love. I feel so comforted by this song, in a way I feel its telling me that everything is going to be OK! I just feel like dancing in the living room with Eric and a glass of wine (I don't even like wine!!!) I know I am rambling but it feels so necessary at this moment. I love Eric in so many ways and could not have asked for a better man to marry. I feel like I'm with him at this very moment even though we are on two different parts of the world. I sometimes wonder what the next year is going to bring from me as well as a lot of others but right now I feel as if everything is going to be alright. I just want to smile and cry all at the same time. I just have to say that life works in mysterious ways and I wouldn't change mine for anything. Well maybe just one thing and that would be Eric here with me and he would never have to leave again. I'm not angry about it and sometimes i think I'm strange for not feeling that way because I see so many of my friends that are. I think that I'm learning so much and hes only been gone for 5 and half weeks. Words cant even express what I'm thinking right now but its great. I just feel so happy right at this moment and I wish he was here to share my happiness with me. I will tell him about it soon enough. Its not even worth being angry or mad or ticked off by the small arguments in life. Because it could all be gone in an instant and I'm learning it just doesn't matter anymore. I think love just makes everything better. I really need to get some rest or relax or do something but I just cant stop smiling. I love you so much Eric and I cant wait to be in your arms again. Thanks to all my readers for reading and I'm sorry for the rambling!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some fun by the pool!

So sometime last week, I believe it was a Wednesday I took Lexus (my younger sister) to the pool for some fun in the sun since it was her last week of freedom before starting middle school!! My friends also met us there...Thanks to my dad for giving us the key to his apartment so we could swim. I have since decided that I want a pool no matter where I live when Eric and I get to settle down. I'm still learning how to upload photos in the right order so be patient! And Eric if you read this, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

This ones for Eric! Me after my time in the sun. My tans getting darker and I'm getting more freckles!

Lexus and Kaitlyn messing around in the pool

Amanda and I talking and catching some rays!
Lexus and I before we got in the pool!

Kaitlyn and I waiting for Amanda to show up!

Oh how I love California! I would never move back but its so nice and the weather hasn't even been that bad. I need to go get ready and yes it really is 1:14 in the after noon! Have a wonderful day and leave me a comment :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey Eric, Hows it going over there?!?

As I said previously, Eric is serving in the US Army and is currently deployed in Afghanistan. He has been gone for a few weeks now and I have been doing pretty well if I do say so myself. We have been able to talk a lot more than we were led to believe. While I would love to tell you everything hes doing over there, I cant! If your interested in sending him mail or want to adopt a soldier, please post your email address and I will help you out! Here are a few pictures he sent me the other day over an email chat! Enjoy :)

This picture from left to right is: One of Eric's sargents, an Afghan Sargent and Eric. Notice how thin hes getting!

This is a picture of Erics platoon but dont bother looking for Eric because hes not in it :)

One of their strykers

Just what Afghanistan looks like :)

I'm Officially Here!!

Well all I can say is that I am offically in the world of blogging! I still have a lot to learn so please be patient. I have decided to use this as a tool while my dear husband Eric is deployed. I want to have all of this documented so we can look back in a year and have an overview of what went on. Eric is a medic in the US Army and I could not be more proud! He deployed to Afghanistan a little over a month ago and things have been going good so far. I am currently in California, spending time with my dad, step-mom, sisters and my amazing friends! After my time here, Im going to Idaho to be with my mom! Im excited to learn more about myself and what I am capable of doing while Eric is away. I will try to post as much as possible, not that any one will be reading this anyway!