Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some fun by the pool!

So sometime last week, I believe it was a Wednesday I took Lexus (my younger sister) to the pool for some fun in the sun since it was her last week of freedom before starting middle school!! My friends also met us there...Thanks to my dad for giving us the key to his apartment so we could swim. I have since decided that I want a pool no matter where I live when Eric and I get to settle down. I'm still learning how to upload photos in the right order so be patient! And Eric if you read this, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

This ones for Eric! Me after my time in the sun. My tans getting darker and I'm getting more freckles!

Lexus and Kaitlyn messing around in the pool

Amanda and I talking and catching some rays!
Lexus and I before we got in the pool!

Kaitlyn and I waiting for Amanda to show up!

Oh how I love California! I would never move back but its so nice and the weather hasn't even been that bad. I need to go get ready and yes it really is 1:14 in the after noon! Have a wonderful day and leave me a comment :)


NavyWifey said...

Hi there, got your blog through cinchouse, looks like your having fun! My husband is also a medic but in the navy, he is in field medical training right now! Keeping busy is the motto of my life while DH is gone, as I am sure it is yours. You look like you are having fun, keep it up!

The Shavers said...

Leaving you a comment :)

mom said...

put your boob