Monday, February 28, 2011

Behold the baby bump!

I am now 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Crazy how time flies and how fast its going!
I've managed to loose almost 30 POUNDS (which im trying to gain weight but am having a hard time!)

So if you knew me before you will see i've lost weight but my tummy is HUGE!

My great grandma told my mom that God told her to pray for two babies
so maybe its twins lol!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What to eat, what to eat?!? So many choices!

I have been pregnant for almost 12 WEEKS now, can you believe it?!? I can't! so I can because I have had to joy of the most amazing morning sickness ever (note the sarcasm please!!!!)
So awesome in fact that I have managed to loose 22 whole pounds which have my midwives concerned so now Im at the doctors every week until I out a few back on.

Thank you baby! 

Since I am so sick due to the fact that everything grosses me out, I am down to a handful of things that I can manage to eat without throwing up! Making progress slowly lol! So here they are in no order:

My favorites these days are Capn Crunch and honey bunches of oats. I eat cereal every morning for breakfast and usually one other time of the day.

Now this isnt my first choice but I keep it down so I eat it, DAILY!

I could eat these all day long...THE END

I have hated pop tarts my entire life, I used to only eat my sisters crust because she loved the middle, now though, I cant get enough but dont worry Ive only eaten one box

Raspberry to be exact, it takes me a while to get through one thing but I manage.

I have never had a hard time with food until now and it literally takes every bone in my body to eat on a daily basis. I am blogging about this purely so I can remember it when my child is older. I am hoping that things start getting better soon so I can be more healthy for the growing baby inside me!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Maternity Clothes...

While I am only 10 weeks pregnant and have lost probably close to 15 pounds from being so sick all the time, my pants seem to have gotten to where they dont fit. I have noticed this for the past week or so but figured it was way WAY to soon to buy maternity clothes.

After some serious research (ok not that serious) I learned that every body is different and some people show sooner than others. I think the fact that I already have a some what fluffy stomach, it has started to turn more round lol! I figured that it would be a breeze to find something,
but boy was I SO wrong!!!!!

I was surprised at how many places dont carry maternity clothes in store at least around here! (thanks Sears and JC Penneys!) I found a pair at target but of course when I go back to buy them they werent there! Just my luck! I begged Eric to drive me to the next town over and we got super lucky at OLD NAVY!!!! Not only did they only have one pair in my size but it was also military discount day! THank goodness!

So from here I ask you,

Where have you had the most luck with Maternity clothes and how far along were you when you made the switch?

Next time Ill be taking a trip to Fort Collins where there are plenty of place to buy maternity clothes!