Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Weekend...

This is one of the best weekends I have had in a long time! Here's a recap of what I did!
Friday Night was Girls Night Out in downtown Placerville (where my mom lives!) So she and I walked around looked at stores as well as a few art galleries.
But first we had dinner at this place called Z Pie. It was AMAZING!! They serve all different pot pies as well as salads and appetizers. I had a chicken and mushroom pie which was to die for. We also had a few glasses of wine and dessert!

Saturday my mom and I spent the day together also! We started out with lunch at Jacks Urban Eats. Another one of my favorite places to eat in this town. I had a huge taco salad and these:
They are called URBAN FRIES and they are to die for!! French fries, with bleu cheese, a spicy chili oil, red pepper flakes and parsley! To die for :)
Next we headed to ROSS to look for dresses since we are having a girls trip at the end of March. I am going with my mom her 3 sisters and my grandma to Las Vegas!!
I found a dress that doesn't look anything like this one other than its black and white. Ill try to take a picture of it but you get the idea and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) it was only $18.99!!
Then we headed over to Pier One where I bought these:
Place mats! They match my red and yellow dishes and are amazing!! Also a bargain price of $2.98 each, which is really good for something bought at Pier One.
Next we went to Babies R Us! Since my best friend Sabrina is pregnant, my eyes are always open looking for stuff! Not to mention I have a million friends who are pregnant so I am always looking for baby gifts on sale. I am going to make a whole post of everything I would want to buy there!

On Sunday we went to a few wineries to do some Wine Tasting! It was so much fun and I had the chance to try tons of different wines. We went to the Boeger Winery, which is pictured above. And another cool building is posted below!
If I had a ton of money I would have bought a ton of wine! Instead I bought a few bottles for my sister in law Rhonda (and Rhonda if your reading this, happy birthday, this is your gift!) As well as a few for me. I still haven't heard from my husband in far to long but I am glad time is passing! Thanks to my parents for a great weekend!

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Truth About The Gym

As you may or may not know, I have been working out. Not only have I been working out but I have a personal trainer named Johnny! He is by far amazing and you wouldn't think someone that good looking could be so mean, and he is! We work out together 2 times a week and then I go several other times by myself. I would like to share with you what I notice while working out.

1) Lots and LOTS of BUFF men feel the need to shave their legs, weird I know

2) Theres a few skank-a-licious girls who go there just to pick up guys, annoying!!

3) A lot of girls in the high school range like to talk on their cell phones while "working out"

4) It is possible to play poker on your i phone while on the elliptical, and even winning some money

5) Men over the age of 55 do in fact have MP3 players even if "they are cheap pieces of crap" and they talk about investing their money into an I pod

6) There is a girl who can do like 30 pull ups without stopping, shes amazing and I secretly watch her work out!

7) It is quite common for the average guy who lifts weights to actually wink at himself in the mirror while lifting, makes me laugh out loud every single time

8) And many people over weight and thin like to make very strange noises while doing cardio!

There you have it, the truth about my gym, what funny things do you notice while you work out?

Monday, February 22, 2010


As I mentioned in my previous post, I haven't been lucky enough to hear from Eric at all lately. I have heard from him for 59 seconds exactly in the last 16 or so days. So with that being said, I have gotten back into the groove of writing him letters. I usually sit down at night and go over my day and my thoughts and feelings. I am not sure if he will ever read them all but in a way it makes me feel close to him and like I am actually able to talk to him. I know that I really love getting hand written letters from him (not that they come often) and I am sure he likes to get them too. There is something so romantic and heartfelt about a hand written letter and it means so much more than an email, Facebook post or Myspace message. Not to mention you can color on your paper or leave it plain and simple. So perhaps you should send a hand written letter to someone you love...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

missing him...

So people have told me that I need to update my blog so here I am updating. I am not sure how this is going to go or what I have to say. Lately I have been feeling like just a person who takes up space in the world. Most days I have no emotions nor do I have any life experiences. I miss my husband and at this point I am hoping he and I both make it out alive. On the bright side we only have 20 weeks to go but at the same time it seems so far away.

I have been missing everything about him and I and us being together. I am learning a ton about not taking anything for granted when he does come back home. I had a list of things I miss most about him so I am going to share a few simply for my own well being.

I miss watching him play video games,

Going on hikes and complaining the entire time hoping he would say we could turn around (but he never did),

Waking up in the morning to get him ready for work (make coffee, pack lunch, start car),

Him laying with me for 5 more minutes until he had to leave for work,

Just talking about anything and everything for hours on end or until one of us feel asleep first,

His humor which is very dry and always finds its way into every situation and conversation which in the end makes everything better,

Listening to him sing in the shower, car, kitchen all the time in both English and Spanish

Just the way he loves me for me no matter what.

I could go on and on about everything I miss. I miss my best friend and I want so badly for him to be back and for us to be happy together. I feel bad that I have been avoiding my friends and family and its not their fault, I just seem to be missing Eric in every situation and it makes like suck that much more. So sorry to said friends and family.

I don't know if you have watched the news lately, I know I sure haven't, but if you do, you know whats going on in Afghanistan. I would love to say that Eric isn't a part of it but he is which in turn affects me. I used to hear from him daily or every couple days at least but as of now, I have heard from him for 59 seconds in the past 10 days. Its killing me and I keep remembering that no news is good news but sometimes its easier said than done. Well thanks for letting me vent about this and cross your fingers I hear from him soon or that I cant sleep for the next 5 months