Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Weekend...

This is one of the best weekends I have had in a long time! Here's a recap of what I did!
Friday Night was Girls Night Out in downtown Placerville (where my mom lives!) So she and I walked around looked at stores as well as a few art galleries.
But first we had dinner at this place called Z Pie. It was AMAZING!! They serve all different pot pies as well as salads and appetizers. I had a chicken and mushroom pie which was to die for. We also had a few glasses of wine and dessert!

Saturday my mom and I spent the day together also! We started out with lunch at Jacks Urban Eats. Another one of my favorite places to eat in this town. I had a huge taco salad and these:
They are called URBAN FRIES and they are to die for!! French fries, with bleu cheese, a spicy chili oil, red pepper flakes and parsley! To die for :)
Next we headed to ROSS to look for dresses since we are having a girls trip at the end of March. I am going with my mom her 3 sisters and my grandma to Las Vegas!!
I found a dress that doesn't look anything like this one other than its black and white. Ill try to take a picture of it but you get the idea and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) it was only $18.99!!
Then we headed over to Pier One where I bought these:
Place mats! They match my red and yellow dishes and are amazing!! Also a bargain price of $2.98 each, which is really good for something bought at Pier One.
Next we went to Babies R Us! Since my best friend Sabrina is pregnant, my eyes are always open looking for stuff! Not to mention I have a million friends who are pregnant so I am always looking for baby gifts on sale. I am going to make a whole post of everything I would want to buy there!

On Sunday we went to a few wineries to do some Wine Tasting! It was so much fun and I had the chance to try tons of different wines. We went to the Boeger Winery, which is pictured above. And another cool building is posted below!
If I had a ton of money I would have bought a ton of wine! Instead I bought a few bottles for my sister in law Rhonda (and Rhonda if your reading this, happy birthday, this is your gift!) As well as a few for me. I still haven't heard from my husband in far to long but I am glad time is passing! Thanks to my parents for a great weekend!