Saturday, March 6, 2010


So after 27 long days on a mission in Afghanistan, I got a wonderful call this morning from my husband saying he's back to his FOB saying he's safe and sound!! A lot of things happened and they saw tons of action! If you watch or read the news, many of the stories recently are about Eric's unit! He is glad to be back to showers, real food, a bed, computers and a TON of mail! He didn't take a shower the whole time he was gone which is DISGUSTING!! Here are a few pictures, notice how thin he is and enjoy! Also cross your fingers he doesn't have to go out any time soon!! Love ya E

Holding a coffee pot! It doesn't look like he can plug it in anywhere lol
Graber (who was nice enough to let Eric use his phone while he was out so I could hear from him) and Eric trying to look very fierce and tough!
By far my FAVORITE! He looks SUPER sexy!!
John and Eric trying to be "cheesy!"
A picture of where they lived for 27 days!


Suzi Q said...

I am so glad he's safe. And glad you kids are losing weight together! What an inspiration!

Suellen May, Realtor said...

I'm glad he's safe, although it looks like he needs a good meal!