Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Battalion Ball

So shortly (and I mean 3 days later) after Eric returned from the suckfest, as he would say, we had an Army Ball to attend. Talk about a lot of nerves, I didn't even know if he would make it in time which is part of the reason he is in a tux and not his Class A's. (Just a heads up, if you are even in the situation where your husband can choose a tux over Class A's and you want a tux, buy one instead of rent especially if you have to rent a few days before. That was our problem and we got charged up the wazz-ooo since we ordered so close to the event.)

Moving on: We had a fantastic time! It was on a Tuesday so that got me out of work! I found my dress at David's Bridal months before for like $70 bucks! So if you have one coming up, keep your eye out!!

Here is our official ball pic, not my fav but whatever!
Me and my bff Brittany! Who bought her dress from JC Penney after from for like super cheap, 3 sizes too big and then got it altered! She looked fantastic!
MY boy :)

I was very happy with the way this ball went over the other one. It was much more relaxed, maybe because most of them hadn't been home long but I loved it! There was a cocktail hour, some appetizers, then we got to pick where we sat which was amazing because we could sit with our friends. Each company showed a movie of stuff from deployment, talk about depressing! But B-Co's literally pissed everyone off haha! We had dinner, dessert then dancing!
The boys: Fyffe, Eric, Szala and Thompson
The Girls: Ash (married to Szala) Lorena (married to Fyffe), Me and Sam (married to Thompson.)
Eric and I slow dancing :)
Brittany and Jeffrey!

Me, Shelby and Kate

I had a wonderful time and I looked forward to the next BN I get to go to but I was so happy to spend the night with everyone from this unit. I am going to miss them when we move!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tobi H. Monje

So shortly after Eric got home, we decided we should think about adopting a dog or something. I told him it was either that or a baby hahah!! I went to a shelter during my lunch break and fell in love with a pup. He was the most shy and timid dog ever, it looked like he had gotten into a bar fight and lost.

I called and told Eric so he went and looked at him and said NO WAY! But after some convincing we brought him home! He was very scared and only weighed 8 pounds! He's 6 years old, has crippled back legs (since he was abused) and a heart murmur. Something inside me told me I had to adopt him because if I didnt, he would be there for a long time.

So theres our little Tobi H, which stands for happy! And we love him very much! After some adjusting time, he has become much more playful and happy. He has even gained 3 pounds. Coon, our cat, isnt very found of him but he is getting better! Welcome to our family!!!