Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tobi H. Monje

So shortly after Eric got home, we decided we should think about adopting a dog or something. I told him it was either that or a baby hahah!! I went to a shelter during my lunch break and fell in love with a pup. He was the most shy and timid dog ever, it looked like he had gotten into a bar fight and lost.

I called and told Eric so he went and looked at him and said NO WAY! But after some convincing we brought him home! He was very scared and only weighed 8 pounds! He's 6 years old, has crippled back legs (since he was abused) and a heart murmur. Something inside me told me I had to adopt him because if I didnt, he would be there for a long time.

So theres our little Tobi H, which stands for happy! And we love him very much! After some adjusting time, he has become much more playful and happy. He has even gained 3 pounds. Coon, our cat, isnt very found of him but he is getting better! Welcome to our family!!!


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