Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Here it is 2:51 am and I am still wide awake! Its probably because I didn't wake up until 1pm since I had a long night with Amanda at the Grad. I was looking at someone else's blog and the song "I'll be seeing you" by Billie Holiday came on. It made me think about the Notebook and I just felt that I had to come on here and write something. The Notebook makes me think so much about love. Not just the love that Eric and I share, but all different types of love. I feel so comforted by this song, in a way I feel its telling me that everything is going to be OK! I just feel like dancing in the living room with Eric and a glass of wine (I don't even like wine!!!) I know I am rambling but it feels so necessary at this moment. I love Eric in so many ways and could not have asked for a better man to marry. I feel like I'm with him at this very moment even though we are on two different parts of the world. I sometimes wonder what the next year is going to bring from me as well as a lot of others but right now I feel as if everything is going to be alright. I just want to smile and cry all at the same time. I just have to say that life works in mysterious ways and I wouldn't change mine for anything. Well maybe just one thing and that would be Eric here with me and he would never have to leave again. I'm not angry about it and sometimes i think I'm strange for not feeling that way because I see so many of my friends that are. I think that I'm learning so much and hes only been gone for 5 and half weeks. Words cant even express what I'm thinking right now but its great. I just feel so happy right at this moment and I wish he was here to share my happiness with me. I will tell him about it soon enough. Its not even worth being angry or mad or ticked off by the small arguments in life. Because it could all be gone in an instant and I'm learning it just doesn't matter anymore. I think love just makes everything better. I really need to get some rest or relax or do something but I just cant stop smiling. I love you so much Eric and I cant wait to be in your arms again. Thanks to all my readers for reading and I'm sorry for the rambling!!


Candy Javier said...

So I just found your blog! And after reading I must say that you, my lady, are much stronger than I could ever hope to be! And... I can think of the perfect way for you to pass the year that your sweet husband is away... come learn how to be a hairdresser at Paul Mitchell! Doesn't that sound like fun... Miss you.