Friday, August 28, 2009


OK so I was going to post about my trip to the California State Fair with my mom and Rich but some how I didn't upload the pictures onto the CD the correct way. Just my luck of course!! We had a blast, and when I finally do get the pictures I will post them! There's going to be a few posts coming after this but Ill use this as my update. Things here in Cali are going great! I'm making more friends all the time and part of me is thinking about staying. I have been doing a whole lot of nothing but I've been to busy to post!

Onto an Eric update: Things there in Afghanistan have been very busy and also stressful. Last week on August 17Th, unit 1-17 lost 2 soldiers SPC Troy Tom and PFC Jonathan Yanney. Please keep their families in your thoughts through this tough time. Some other incidents have occurred but I cant go into that. The phones and internet were shut down for about a week due to what was going on. I finally heard Eric on Thursday after not hearing from him for about 5 days. He received the hug box that Amanda, Kaitlyn and I sent, finally!! Hopefully it will keep him busy for a while until he gets the rest of the boxes. He seems to be in good spirits and usually in a good mood when we talk. He said hes ready to come home and have some real food! To bad I cant send him fresh food to eat lol! I miss him like crazy and I love him more each day!

Well thats all on the up date front! I have a few other posts including pictures!! I love pictures :)


Sam said...

so tough, i know!!! I'm glad Eric is doing well tho... at least as well as he can be. And it seems like you're doing good as well!! :)

stephanie said...

love the updates:) and the pics!! thoes are always my fav to go through! anyways i will talk to you soon lover! xo