Saturday, August 29, 2009

On the road to...


So thanks to my wonderful husband and the Army, I officially started Rosetta Stone today. It has been waiting for me to start learning for month, but I haven't had the time or motivation. As you may or may not know, Eric is fluent in Spanish. He lived in Mexico for a short time during his youth and was forced to learn. I am Mexican and have always wanted to become fluent but it never happened.

I have to laugh at my self because I sound so funny talking to the computer. I love the way this program teaches and I highly recommend it! Not sure how long it will take but I'm having a blast so far. I cant wait for Eric to call so I can show him what I have learned! Its mainly about colors, clothes, animals and other basic things. I'm so proud of myself! Wish me luck :)


Britters said...

What do you mean thanks to the ARMY? How does that one work out. I'm conversational in Spanish but wanted to learn Italian!

monjeman said...

Im so proud of you and love u so much. keep up the good work