Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Make The Best Care Package(s) Ever!!!

This post is for all you military wives out there! You know who you are lol :) Its also for any one else who want to know how to make the best care package ever! And this is for my sanity because I am so bored I could die!! Enjoy!!

Step #1: Gather a box or more depending on how much your going to send!

Step #2: Gather all your supplies for packing! Tape, scissors, pens, paper, bubble wrap, whatever you get the idea.
Step #3: Buy everything your husband needs, wants, asks for or you think he would like! Also talk your parents and or relatives into buy things for the person who is gone one!

Step #4: Line everything up nicely on your living room floor so you can proceed to take unnecessary pictures of everything your going to send for blogging purposes.

Shout out to my mom and Rich for supplying a lot of the things here for Eric

Step #5: Then attempt to take a half way decent picture of yourself with everything you have :)

Step #6: Pick a box to start packing...

Step #7: Dont forget to think of all the children while shopping. Then decide to send them America's gift...CANDY!! Buy some much that you have to dedicate one whole box for sweets.

Eric said the Afghan children don't know how to say much in English but they do follow them around saying: "Soldier....CHOCOLATE" while pointing to their mouth.

Step #8: Continue to pack your boxes as you see fit. This one is complete with only hygiene products with the exception of the gum. I had no where else to put it, so into that box it went! Make sure to send lots and lots of soap so that way your husband can donate it to boys who have somewhat forgotten what it means to shower while deployed!

Step #9: Pack the next box with all of your favorite snacks as well as his. Make sure to send things that remind him of home!

Step #10: Write a note and or letter for every box you have. I tend to use markers so that way Eric remembers what colors look like. Stay away from green and brown since its what they see all the time!

Step #11: Kiss everything that's inside, tape them up, hug them a few times then cover the boxes if necessary! That way when they are opened, the love just floats through the air!

Step #12: Make a huge pile of trash and try to figure out what to do with it all!
The following day take it to the post office and spend $86.00 to send him all 4 boxes!

I had so much fun getting all of this stuff ready to send to Eric. I think it makes them have a little piece of home with them while they are so far away! A huge thanks to my mom and Rich again for buying Eric a lot of this stuff. Sending boxes is the least I can do to make Eric happy even if its just for a few moments! I hope you enjoyed my semi-silly post and please leave me a comment!!!

***Editors note: I do not usually send Eric this much stuff at one time! I send a small box a week, this week it just so happened I had so much to send out!!***


Suzi Q said...

That is so cute. I'm good at making stuff for packages...I just never get around to the post office, it was a lot easier when I didn't have to bring a baby inside as well. I will use to stroller, but then have to get that out too...sigh.. I know right. Where did you get that ADORABLE backround? I MUST HAVE IT. Or at least one like it.

Britters said...

So cute! My husband's deployment just started so I don't yet have an address, but I can't wait. I've got so many ideas for care packages and what not and I can't wait to start sending him and reminding him much I can't wait for him to come home and I'm thinking of him!

My DH is a Medic also!

-k said...

if you want to save some money, buy the prepaid post office boxes. because it's military, it's only about $12/per box. yes, they are a little smaller than yours but even if you sent 6, it's cheaper!

but you are so sweet! eric must love getting them! i need to make another this week and use some of your ideas! :)

love you

monjeman said...

Ty for the great care package. I love u , and miss u so much. i cant wait to open it