Monday, January 25, 2010

HaPpY 21sT bIrThDaY LiZ!!!

Happy 21st birthday lizzy!! So as a birthday gift, this blog is for you! We have known each other for what seems like forever but its actually been 7 almost 8 years! We met our freshman year in high school and had so much fun then and in college. We have been with each other during the best and worst moments in life! You are truly one of my best friends and I am so grateful for everything I have learned from you! You are a great example of what a wife and mother should be! I love you so much!

Here our some of my favorite memories in no order:

Eating cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner
Going to every football game and freezing our butts off
Cuddle time in your bed under the warm covers when it was to cold to get out
Roller Skating
Voo Doo dances in the kitchen
Sunday dinners with your family
Wearing spandex and sweats pretty much every where we went
Playing board games
Talking all night long
Crying over boys
Spokane Shock!!
Volleyball and mean girls!
Heart Attacking
Riding Cooper
Driving around with music blasting
Pasta, chorizo and home made pizza
Favorite snacks after a bad day
"So are you guys from Idaho?!"
Silly boys
I could go on and on and on!



The Shavers said...

Thank you Kaylee, I miss you so much, and I wish you were here. It has been so great to have such a fantastic friend who has been through so much with me. Love you