Friday, January 15, 2010

sleepless nights...

I'm laying in bed wide awake, nothing new there, I just can't find the energy to sleep when its actually time. I found myself thinking the most at night and sometimes I wish it wasn't that way. I stay awake for hours just thinking, hoping and dreaming. Eric has been gone for over 6 months so I am glad to say this deployment is finally half over. Most of my nightly thoughts are about Eric and I and us. I can't wait for him to come back so we can finally be together again. I dream of going to Red Lobster (and FYI I don't even like that place) and eating food and just being us. I can't wait to live together again, to make dinner and breakfast, to watch him play video games and act like I'm bored but secretly stare and watch his every expression. I am so greatful to have a husband as amazing as mine but he keeps me up at night without even knowing it. Ill be so glad when this is all over so we can be together again to make up for lost time. I love you Eric and I miss you so much!!


Kaitlyn said...

Girl. I read yo blog ALL THE TIME. I have a shortcut on my iPhone! haha. I will make it a point to comment more often. <3