Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weigh in 1/26/10!

Yesterday was weigh in day at Weight Watchers, now I didn't do as well with tracking and exercising last week like I should have to meet the goal I had of loosing 2.6 pounds! But we all have our off weeks and its time to just get back on the horse and keep going! I will say that I was down:
-1.6 pounds!!!
Which is still great in itself. I decided to join a gym yesterday so I went to 24 hour fitness and got myself signed right up. I would love to say that after I got all signed up, I ran home, put my gym clothes on and went back to work out but I didn't. I was supposed to go in there this morning at 11 to meet with a trainer but woke up with lovely green flem, a sore throat and a cough that sounds more like a baby seal than anything else. I didn't want to risk getting anyone sick and I didn't go. Maybe I should have who knows! I'm going to try to go tonight but I cant promise it will be done. The truth is, I am extremely nervous to go to the gym. Well heres to another great week. I am .4 pounds away from 10 pounds and 1.4 away from my 5% which is 11 pounds! See you next week!