Sunday, January 17, 2010

R&R Part ONE!!!

So this post is one of many! Eric came home for R&R on December 14, almost a month ago. It has taken me forever to post because I couldn't get my pictures to load until now!! There is going to be several posts, and you will probably get bored but oh well!! I will go in order, and this is just for blogging purposes so maybe one day my kids can look back on our life!!

This is how it went, I got a phone call from Eric telling me he was in Germany and that he would be here at 10pm the following day! Talk about a freak out and a half, I was running around my house screaming like a big baby but I was so excited! On Monday, Kaitlyn, Amanda and Kaila came over to help me get ready because I was so nervous to do it myself! A huge thanks to Kaitlyn for taking pictures for me! And another huge thanks to Sherri for letting Eric and I take over her room while he was here.

This is me with my signed that I had ordered off line. Thanks to for giving it to me for free! It turned out to great, and embarrassed the heck out of Eric :)
I love this picture of me. I feel so beautiful. My Mom, Lexus and Rich were at the airport with me, waiting for Eric.
I was at the airport an hour early, and it was by far the longest hour of my life. I was very nervous and extremely on edge. A few women came up and talked to me about their sons who had just gotten home from Iraq. They cried and I cried too!

Since it was late at night, Eric's flight was the only one coming out of the gate. When people started coming down the elevator, I really freaked out. Several people would stop and tell me that he sat behind them, or that he wasn't far behind. Finally after pacing back and forth I heard a man yell "I SEE A SOLDIER," then I saw this:
And this is what I did,
Eric doesn't like to make a scene in public so this was totally out of his element! When I saw him I freaked out, started crying, and ran into his arms. Just then, everyone in the airport started clapping and cheering for him. It was just like in the movies :) You can see Eric's emotion in this pic.
Just another great picture that I love!
After we found Eric's one and very dirty bag, we headed to BJ's Brewhouse for some pizza and beer! There were some guys at the bar that were nice enough to buy Eric his first beer of the night!

We had some great food, delicious beer and time to spend with Kaitlyn, Lexus, my mom and Rich.
This is in the parking lot, its amazing how it felt as if he never left.
This just truly shows how happy and safe I felt that he was back :)
Waiting for Eric and seeing him was like nothing I will ever experience in my whole life. I truly felt like the luckiest and most blessed woman on earth. I love this man more than anything and it was so nice to have him safe in my arms once again!


Kaitlyn said...

:) Love it. & Love you both. I am so glad I got to be there for such a special moment in your life. & it made me cry too, it was so amazing, and you were right, just like in a movie with everyone there. <3

The Shavers said...

I love it, I'm so happy for you that you got to spend that time're almost done!!!

jessica said...

These pictures make me smile. I don't know how you do it. I would go crazy without my Aric. I'm so glad you got to have some precious time with your man.

Here's to the next six months flying by....