Wednesday, December 30, 2009

R and R

stands for REST and RELAXATION...

The time has already come and gone for Eric to spend his mid-tour leave here in California. I took him back to the airport this morning and the huge brick that left when he arrived has some how managed to come back to find me. Its a good thing there are still good people in this world, I was lucky enough to be able to walk him to the gate and stay with him until he boarded the plane, so that made the good bye a little easier. The past 15 days flew by faster than I ever could have imagined and I'm so sad he's gone again. We had the best 2 weeks together ever and I will post about everything we did soon. So until then, if you call or text and I don't answer, its not personal, I'm just taking a day or two for myself. And a big HUGE thanks to all of my friends and Family for their amazing support for both Eric and I during all of this. Please keep Eric and all of our troops in your thoughts and pray I can pull it together.


Britters said...

Wow. So right there with ya sister! T left this morning, heading back from his Rn' stomach has been a mess all day!

Hang in there!