Monday, September 7, 2009

Orange County!


So this past weekend, I along with my sisters Chelsea, Breanne, Lexus and my step-mom Sherri, headed to Orange County for a short visit with her family. I haven't been there in years but it was such a blast! It went by all to fast and I wish I could have spent more time by the beach. I'm looking forward to when Eric comes home for R&R because we are going back to So Cal for 2 weeks!

I will try to post everything that when on but don be surprised if I forget a lot of stuff lol! And honestly you wont know any different because you weren't there. Unless you are of course one of my lovely sisters :) So we left Friday night after Breanne got off work, which wasn't until 9pm. Sherri drove the first leg and I took over from 11:30 on and got us there safely at 4am Saturday morning. After a few short hours, 4 to be exact, of sleep, we were off to the beach!! It was such an amazing day. Not to hot, not to cold, not to many people.

This is me laying on the beach after a swim. I attempted (and we should use that term lightly) to surf. I took the board out to the water but the tide was already going out so not much trying!

This is my cousin Taryn. Shes 12 and so cute! Look at that hair :)

Lexus with Taryn's surf board. They were in the water all day playing around on them

My sister Breanne and Cousin Karissa taking a break to show off their muscles :)

These little boys next to us came over to show us the mini crabs they were catching! Super cute

This was me, Karissa, Chelsea and Breanne pausing for a quick pic during our game of "NEVER HAVE I EVER..." It has been years since I have played that game, and I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time! It was a blast

Chelsea took this picture of the beautiful palm trees at the beach!

So along with volleyball courts, picnic tables, a park and much more, you can rent pedal bikes. This one seats 6 and there's one that seats 2. A huge thanks to Eric for being deployed, because when I went to pay with the military ID the girl gave me a free hour with the bike since he's fighting for our freedom! Thanks hunny, love you!

This is Lexus after a long day at the beach and lack of sunscreen. It has since turned into a nice tan.

While we were at the beach, we learned how to keep your phones dirt and sand free! Thanks Aunt Kim for the tip and plastic bags.

Breanne using our new plastic bag as a phone protector!

There were also jets in the sky advertising for an air show. I thought it was so cool!!

My legs and feet in the sad! It felt sooo good :)

Lexus and Taryn fresh out of the water

The only boy cousin out of 7, Noah rocking his surf board. This kid is amazing!

Cant go to the beach and not get a picture of the life guard stand with the lifeguard.

I'm not sure, but I just love love love this picture of Breanne :)

Me and Chelsea, sitting under an umbrella getting our tans on.

We also had lunch and an evening BBQ that day. Hamburgers, hot dogs and some great Asian salad that our friend Sandy made. It was so nice to sit with my sisters, and get some much needed girl time. I love you all and I miss you when I'm not here :) By the end of the day, I was beyond tired to say the least! After a nice shower I was already falling asleep by 7:30pm. I was so tired, that Eric called and I don't even remember a thing! Sorry babe!

So on Sunday, we took family pictures. Before we did that, Breanne, Karissa, Taryn, Lexus and I went to the mall. The one thing I noticed about Orange County was there was not an ugly person in sight! The people of the OC are so pretty and in shape! Here are a few pics from the mall.

Me, Breanne and Karissa, found some really cute masks and snapped a few pictures before we got yelled at! We didn't but just in case!

I found this headband at FOREVER 21 and it was huge! Looking at it i thought it was way to big for anyone to actually wear, but looking back now, I am in love with it and I would wear in proudly if i ever bought it! Don't hate

Karissa, Me and B with headbands. I also tried on the red one that Karissa is wearing and I liked that one too!

So as cheesy as this is, I had to take a picture of SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. I have always heard and seen this store on TV but I have never, ever been or seen one in real life. I just couldnt help myself and took a picture. Your probably wondering if I actually went inside, but that answer is NO!

After a few hours at the mall, we headed home to get ready for family pictures. Its usually rare for all of us to be together. Us other girls have jobs, school and live in different states (talking about myself), so when we are together we make sure to take pictures!

Here is a silly picture of all of us together.

A much more formal picture of the whole family

This is my individual one.

My sister Breanne


Little Lucy!

After pictures, we had a really nice dinner. Then we went to the park for a one on one soccer game between Breanne and Noah. Breanne schooled Noah 3 to 1 if i remember correctly. When we got back, we played a really fun game of SPOONS! Pretty much drama free :)

All of the spoon lined up.

Noah getting ready to deal out the cards

Me being really bored!

That pretty much sums up our short but very fun weekend. We drove back this morning and Im still so tired! I have a feeling Im going to sleep good tonight. A huge shout out to the Pennington's for letting us stay at your house. I had so much fun and hope to see you all sooner rather than later!!

On another note, my blogs worst dressed pictures from the Grad were talked about a lot! So all weekend long, the girls were trying to find people to take picturs of for me to post. So here are the winners from this weekend and actually just from the beach.

This man was in his boxers and a t-shirt while on the beach. It doesnt look so bad here but thoes shorts were super shorts and really underwear not shorts lol

These two women were walking along the beach and they are self explanatory!

And this woman was by far the worst dressed person the whole time I was there. This was a very shiney, sparkly and spandex top and bottom. We just couldnt helop ourselves!

Hope you enjoyed the blog, post a comment and have a great week :)


James said...

Great Blog Kaylee, love the photos and the attention to detail!

Anonymous said...

hey i really like that blog that is probably my fav so far.i love how neat you did your post and you bunches


Stephanie said...

Hey sweet Gal!!

Well i must start by saying your Family is all beautifull!! whooaa!! second, im so jealous of your cousin who goes to school with colton!.. i love his mother<3 hahaha/ the show:)!! Thired, i just wanna say im making cole move there!! haha looks like it my kinda place to live! and Fourth.. looks like you had a Blassttt! Love the post as always! anywho thats it for now!!

xox love ya:)

monjeman said...

Looks like you having a great time. I wish i was there. well um then again. with all that estrogen around i would of wanted to shoot myself. Well maybe not because your there. Well you look great and it makes me miss you even more



Britters said...

Loved this post! It was super fun! I love all the pictures. It sounds like you had a great time!