Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!! (1 day early!)

Well tomorrow is my wonderful moms birthday! Ill be out of town away from my computer and pictures, so I figured its better to post a day early, than a day late! For any of you who know my mom, you know how great she is. But for thoes of you who dont, I'll try to give you a little piece of my mom. with pictures :)

Oh gosh, I dont even know where to begin! Mind you all these pics are in no order, so bear with me!

First I want to say thanks for being so good looking! Its because of you I have my stunning good looks :) You always taught me to be grateful for the natural beauty I have. I'm so glad you always thought I was pretty enough, whenever I would say there was something I didn't like about myself, you would quickly tell me how beautiful I was.

Thank you for making such a great family life for me. I am also so proud to tell people about my parents, but especially about you. And for being such a great mother. You are always there for me no matter what I need. Even if you cant give me the advice I need, hugs work just as good!

Thanks for always being so funny, even if only our close nit family gets to see this part of you. We have so many inside jokes and I love everyone of them. Also thanks for allowing my to have the best graduation party ever! (Side note: in this picture, it looks as if shes being nice and kissing me, but she's telling me something very funny that she didn't want everyone to know lol)

Thank you for always taking me places to see new things. I am very lucky to have you to introduce me to other cultures and life outside of our box. I loved going on vacations with you and Rich even if it was just a drive to the ocean.

Thank you for always telling me I can do anything I want all by myself. That I didn't need a boy to function in life or to be happy. Thanks for helping me get ready for prom with Liz as my date and for encouraging us to have a great time without boys as dates.

Thank you for always pushing me to follow my dreams and be what I want to be. Thanks for letting me make choices for myself and not for what you think is best.

Thank you for loving Eric. You took him in with open arms and most days I think you both love each other more than me lol. You are both very similar in your personalities and I love how well you get along. I love all of us being together, Rich included, having so much fun. I cant wait for Eric to get home so we can be together again.

Also, thank you so much for being OK with the fact I married into the military. For taking me on base when it was time for him to go, and being there to love and hug me and tell me it was going to be OK after he left. I love you so much for your support to both of us all the time.
Thank you for taking pictures of me at my worst time. Maybe with this Ill remember not to drink so much then I wont have these embarrassing pictures for everyone to see. Thank you for allowing me to make life choices when it come to drinking and other things. I love that no matter what I do, you still love me just the same

Thank you for always being there for me at anything I had going on. Weather it was soccer, cheer leading, volleyball or taking me to concerts. You were always my number one fan and now we both get to go support Eric together in everything he does.

Thank you for sitting with me in the rain 3 hours before Eric deployment ceremony started.

Thank you for allow Eric to blend in with our family and for showing him the side that only Rich and I usually see. He loves you so much I think its great. Thank you for loving him with your whole heart and being his support when other people aren't.

Thank you for being so artistic and creative! And always carving the best pumpkins every single year without fail. You make me so proud when I see the work you do when it comes to painting, drawing or whatever. I think your so talented and you should do it more often.

I love that I never had to go with out anything I needed. No matter how much you may have struggled as a single mother when I was younger, I never knew any different. I always had anything and everything that I needed. And thank you for always having the best birthday parties for me a girl could ask for!

Thank you for creating such great traditions with me growing up. I always look forward to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, whatever. I love going to cut down a tree as a family, or going to the pumpkin patch. I still run around like a little kid and that's because of you!

One of the biggest things I have to say thank you for is the relationship that you and Rich have. Its a great example for Eric and I as we begin our life together. You and Rich love each other so much its insane and you always have fun together. I hope that Eric and I can continue to follow in your footsteps to loving each other as much as you and Rich do.

I could go on forever about how great you are. I love you more than anything and I couldn't have asked for a better mom. We are so much alike, its scary sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever, even though I'm not there to share it with you! I love you mom :)


jessica said...

Very sweet tribute to your mom. She is one foxy lady!

mom said...

Thanks made me the Library! Lol....I love you!

Britters said...

What a great post! I think I need to start spicing up my blog with pictures along the way! It was nice to see such a sweet tribute to a family member!

The Shavers said...

Amen sister!!!! I love you Eilda!!! Happy birthday, muah!!