Tuesday, September 22, 2009



I heard that cheer along with like 50 other ones about 20 billion times over this past weekend. Lexus plays softball on a competitive traveling league here in Roseville. I always played soccer and volleyball so I didn't know a darn thing about softball. I have been to one other tournament but during the one this past weekend, I actually brought my camera!! So this post is dedicated to you miss Lexi Lou!!

We had to go to Yuba City for a two day tournament. Which consisted of 3 games on Saturday then 2 on Sunday. I could go into the logistics of how seeding works and all that stuff but its confusing lol!! This is how the weekend went:


Our weekend started bright and early, her first game was at 9:30 which meant we had to be there at 8:30 and it was about an hour away so we had to leave at 7! I haven't been up that early in sooo long but it was well worth it!! I would tell you what happened during each game, but I honestly don't remember!! Our second game was at 12:30 and our last game was at 3pm. Here's how it went:
Game 1: WON!!
Game 2: lost :(
Game 3: WON!!

Ill tell you what happened Sunday later in the post but here's some pics to hold you over!

This is the only picture of us all weekend! Once we got around her team, she was WAY to cool to talk to me :)
Walking to the field for her first game Saturday!
I just liked this pic, shes so cute!
Warming up with a little run...

There's a lot of pictures I left out! So these next ones are from both Saturday and Sunday. Lexus does great but she gets a little nervous sometimes when its her turn to bat.

This is probably the best pic I took the whole weekend! Her form is great!

Trying to steal a base to make it to the home plate.

So during the summer and all previous season she played in the outfield. Not to long ago, her coaches decided to move her to 3rd base and she has been doing great! She made a couple small mistakes this weekend, but all the girls did at one point or another. Lexus also helped her team do very well!!

Down and ready for the pitch
Im not sure if she caught a ball her during the game or during the practice time before the inning starts.
Trying to steal another base...

In between games, the girls have lots of down time. And on Sunday their first game was at 8am and the Championship, yes I said CHAMPIONSHIP game wasn't until 12:30 and they were bored out of their minds! Talk about trying to get 14 10-11 year olds entertained for 3.5 hours without them over working themselves!

Here they are playing truth or dare, very funny to listen to lol
Practicing their chants and trying to keep themselves busy for 45 more minutes until the championship game!

As I said previous, they made it to the championship game. And let me tell you, they did awesome!! We didn't end up winning but they didn't stop without giving the other team a great fight. The game was tied at the bottom of the 7th so they had to go into over time. They played amazingly well and Lexus was in the whole game! Congrats girlies!!

Team huddle before the final game.
At the coin toss, they all wanted to go as a team
Lexus playing 3rd base.
As you notice, most of their hats are upside down and who would have thought this was important?!?! This is know as "RALLY CAPS" the were all so nervous at the end of the game
Waiting for their 2nd place medals and trophy
Lucy with her medal
The wonderful girls of the Roseville Thunder
Lex with the trophy


This will be quick I promise!

This was way too funny not to share. One of the girls has a brother named Chase and he is pictured below. Hes 13 I want to say and for the most part all of those girls are in LOVE with him! He was only there on Saturday and any down time the girls had, they were all following or watching him. Its so funny to watch because I remember being just like that :)

The infamous Chase
All of the girls carefully watching him practice baseball stuff with his dad
Still watching again :)

I love softball and I cant wait for the next tournament in 2 weeks!!


Lexus Newhouse said...

that was an awesome and thank you for doing that blog for me that was one of the best blogs..well just because it was all ABOUT ME!!!!!love you sissy :) :)

ABA2009 said...

Looks like ya had a good time!

Britters said...

I love watching my little sister when she's playing in a competitive soccer tourny. I used to love going!

Gotta get in the know with the Rally caps! LOL!!! I wear them at the Rockies games ALL the time!