Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Grad!!

Before I got to California my BFF Amanda would tell me about The Grad. What is The Grad you may ask?! Its a bar/club/restaurant whatever...but every night of the week they have some sort of dancing. Well on Monday, Wednesday and one weekend night, its country line dancing. When she first told me she went, I laughed to my self with my mental image of that. I told her that I would go when I came down to visit. I was really nervous at first but I now look forward to Mondays! I am not even close to being good at a lot of the line dances, but I try my best! I have a blast and I'm so glad I still have 4 more Mondays to go :)

Kaitlyn, Me, Alyssa and her boyfriend Robert :) First time at the Grad!

Kaitlyn and I busting a move on the dance floor...I look pregnant but I'm not and don't judge me for my skills lol

Amanda and Me taking a break, they always have suckers there and they are delish! **SIDE NOTE: Everytime Amanda and I take a picture, we have to try 45876 times before we get the right one :)**
Me in the car, don't mind my lazy eyes.

Me taking a break from dancing for a picture.

So while I have a blast at The Grad, its also just a fun place to people watch. Most of the girls wear cowboy boots, skirts or shorts and cute shirts. No big deal..Well some of them tend to come dressed very provocatively. So as proof I snapped a few pictures of people who were dressed horrible last night. (Sorry if you are pictured below and ever happen to fall upon my blog!)

Article #1: Both girls don't have the best fashion sense in my opinion but the girl on the left if wearing very very tiny shorts...It looks like a bathing suit! I was shocked when I saw this outfit that's for sure.

Article#2: I'm not sure what the heck was going on with this boys pants...for a long time Amanda and I were staring at his butt wondering what the hell is going on. I also had to laugh at his dancing!

Article #3: We are focusing on the girl in the middle. No offense when your skirt is so small that you cant move without it riding up, its to small! And not everyone want to see your boobs in their faces when your dancing.

I probably shouldn't judge what people are wearing when they go out but in this case I couldn't help it! Some people just need to look at themselves before they leave the house! I have so many great memories at The Grad! I'm going to miss it :)


stephanie said...

hahaha ... kaylee you are to to funny! i love how you blacked out the people! Thoes people should look at this pics and ask themselfs.. why, why on earth did i think that looked good together! ahh!! anywho thats it for now! keeep bloging:)xo Bff

Ene said...

LOL!!!! haha i love the picture of the guys hahaha esp the one in the shots, nice nice nice legs..i totally do same thing, except i dnt have cameras handy those pple look ridiculously funny!!!!! and woman u got an amazing sense of humour =, u funneeiiii much lav!!!

monjeman said...

Very nice looks like your having fun

James said...

Now there is a place that I wouldnt mind going to, and hooking up him with your single friends.

ABA2009 said...

LOL, I don't go anywhere without a camera (my phone has an 8 megapixel camera in it) for this exact reason! People who don't know how to dress!