Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kidney Stone!

So Sunday Eric and I were going to buy tickets and got to the Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs game but we decided to back out at the last minute. Its a good thing we did because about an hour later or so I started getting horrible cramps in my lower right abdomen that were shooting into my lower back.

I thought that maybe I had a pinched nerve and figured it would go away or something. After some walking around and laying down it was getting worse so I told Eric that he needed to take me to the ER and luckily it wasn't far from our house. Once we got there I started throwing up right away and the pain continued to get worse.

The doctors drew my blood, gave me and IV and some morphine to help with the pain until they could figure out what was going on. After a pelvic exam and a CT scan they discovered I had a very large kidney stone... (see below, circled in yellow)

Since I was in so much pain and on so much morphine the doctor decided to admit me so that way my pain could be monitored and hopefully the stone would pass on its own. They told me that if it didn't pass it by the following afternoon, I would have a ureteroscopy.

And what do you know, my body doesn't listen so I had to have the procedure done. I was put out so I don't remember much other than going to the operating room and then waking up in recovery. My doc had to put a stint in that connects my kidney to my bladder to help things pass along and I cant wait to get it out.

After another night in the hospital, I was discharged this morning and am feeling much better with the exception of being a little uncomfortable. Eric was amazing and very helpful to me while I was at the hospital. I am glad its gone and hope to never have to go through it again!


Suzi Q said...

SAD! I hope you are doing better!

The Shavers said...

Glad youre home now!!!