Monday, November 29, 2010

Job Frustrations!!!!

So I have been meaning to post lately but really just haven't had the desire. Most of the time I'm on the computer searching for nothing else other than a job and let me just say I am ready to pull my hair out. I have never had a problem finding a job, that is until now. I have been in Colorado for a little over two months now and have had no luck finding a job.

I went to a job interview that I was sure was THE job, but was sadly not offered the position. I declined another job interview because of the hope for the first job, HUGE mistake on my part. I learned my lesson there. I was also offered another job interview, but I was called while in the hospital and my message didnt come through until last week, thanks stupid blackberry!

I am on the computer every day looking for jobs where ever I can and I honestly cant see what the hold up is. I have a wonderful resume and would be more than willing to work any where and every where. Needless to say, Im getting fed up and trying my damnedest to keep my head up and keep chugging along!


Lady Lent said...

Good luck, girl! Something will come along :)

Expat Girl said...

I feel ya! Hope you find something soon

Caley & Logan said...

Hey I feel ya. I did something nearly identical to that. I had a handful of interviews that I just dinked my way through because I was only interested in one... and I even declined an offer for the "one" that I ended up NOT getting. So frustrating. And so stupid on my part. I've decided to interview like each job is my #1 pick.

Anonymous said...

aww i'm sorry. keep your head up! you can definitely do it! i know how frustrating that can be :(

Eva said...

i hate having to search for work endlessly...good luck to you, i hope you find the perfect job!