Friday, February 26, 2010

The Truth About The Gym

As you may or may not know, I have been working out. Not only have I been working out but I have a personal trainer named Johnny! He is by far amazing and you wouldn't think someone that good looking could be so mean, and he is! We work out together 2 times a week and then I go several other times by myself. I would like to share with you what I notice while working out.

1) Lots and LOTS of BUFF men feel the need to shave their legs, weird I know

2) Theres a few skank-a-licious girls who go there just to pick up guys, annoying!!

3) A lot of girls in the high school range like to talk on their cell phones while "working out"

4) It is possible to play poker on your i phone while on the elliptical, and even winning some money

5) Men over the age of 55 do in fact have MP3 players even if "they are cheap pieces of crap" and they talk about investing their money into an I pod

6) There is a girl who can do like 30 pull ups without stopping, shes amazing and I secretly watch her work out!

7) It is quite common for the average guy who lifts weights to actually wink at himself in the mirror while lifting, makes me laugh out loud every single time

8) And many people over weight and thin like to make very strange noises while doing cardio!

There you have it, the truth about my gym, what funny things do you notice while you work out?


Lexus said...

I LOVE you kaylee kepp working hard!! you rock!! :)

Dad said...

Brilliant, yet funny observations. I love you!!