Monday, February 22, 2010


As I mentioned in my previous post, I haven't been lucky enough to hear from Eric at all lately. I have heard from him for 59 seconds exactly in the last 16 or so days. So with that being said, I have gotten back into the groove of writing him letters. I usually sit down at night and go over my day and my thoughts and feelings. I am not sure if he will ever read them all but in a way it makes me feel close to him and like I am actually able to talk to him. I know that I really love getting hand written letters from him (not that they come often) and I am sure he likes to get them too. There is something so romantic and heartfelt about a hand written letter and it means so much more than an email, Facebook post or Myspace message. Not to mention you can color on your paper or leave it plain and simple. So perhaps you should send a hand written letter to someone you love...


Suzi Q said...

There is nothing like a hand written letter OR a card. I hear ya there! I hope the time passes quickly. You can always text me!