Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Therapy, Weight Watchers and MORE!!!

This week has been pretty good so far and seems to be very busy! As I said before, I decided to seek help from a therapist regarding all the issues I've been having since Eric left. I had to wait about a week and a half before I could get seen. Time kind of moved along really really slow and finally Sunday night came thats when I get really nervous.

My appointment was on Monday at 10am and I made sure to leave in plenty of time. Its a good thing I did because for some reason I had two different addresses written down and went to the wrong one first! Silly me :) But I made it on time. I walked into the office and you can imagine how shocked I was so find that there was no front desk or a receptionist. I immediately started thinking "What kind of doctors office doesnt have a receptionist?" You will imagine the huge shock I got when I looked at the wall and saw 4 light switches and there was a big sign that read, "Please flip the switch next to your doctors name to announce your arrival." I think I almost feel over at that point. In my opinion kind of tacky but maybe its the norm with Therapists offices, who knows! I started to feel a little uneasy after that. About 10 minutes later my therapist came out. She was very friendly and eager to get started! (This was starting to make up for the light switch incident!) After she asked me the usual questions we finally got started.

I cant tell you a whole lot of what was said but it just felt so good to talk. And I'm pretty sure I talked and talked and talked! I could have stayed there for hours on end. It was so nice to hear everything I have been thinking and feeling is normal. We talked about everything from deployment, my family, his family, friends whatever you name it! The one thing she did say is that I need to find better use of my time. Which is really true. "My name is Kaylee and I'm and unemployed Army wife with a deployed husband!" I spend most of my days doing whatever and I have no schedule at all. So she thinks I need to get in some sort of routine which I probably do! So that's my goal this week, even if I do the same things as always (Spend endless hours on MSN messenger, reading books, writing letters, whatever you can do in the house I do! lol) is to put it in some sort of order! I go back next Monday and I'm hoping it goes just as well.

On another SUPER EXCITING note! I have joined WEIGHT WATCHERS!!! Yes that's right my friends, I have committed to hopping aboard the weight loss train. This is something that I have struggled with all my life but I think there is no better time than now to get the ball rolling! So my mom and I went yesterday and got all signed up! I was totally depressed when I stood on that scaled because this is the heaviest I have been in my life but its a new journey from this point forward. I have many reasons for wanting to do it now. First, Eric and I want to lead healthier and much more active life-styles when he gets home. He has already lost 25-30 pounds since he has been gone which is amazing! That means I have some catching up to do! I also want to have a healthy body for when we decide to have babies. I want to be a cute pregnant woman not just a girl who looks over weight the entire time and no one knows they are prego. I have started meal planning and am so so excited for this to begin! I weigh in on Tuesdays so look forward to next week and pray I do well!! I also plan to journal my ups and downs with Weight Watchers. A huge shout out to my amazing husband for being so supportive of me and all of this even though your half way around the world! I love you!!

On another Eric note, I'm so excited to announce that he will be coming home on leave very very soon! I cant say when because I have to honor OSPEC, but I am beyond ready to see his chubby cheeks! My family and I have a lot planned for when he gets here but its going to be so nice having him home for 2 full weeks! I cant wait to be with him again and I'm sure you will figure out when hes here since I will be MIA!!

Not much else is really going on, I have been reading a lot of books! And at this point it has taken me forever to come back and finish this blog! So not much else to say, Enjoy and keep blogging!!


Suzi Q said...

I am so proud of you for joining weight watchers! That is like THE BEST program ever. I did it when Cody was about 3 months old, but I got 10 extra points a day for nursing! BOO YA! Good luck with it I know you will be successful.