Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elizabeth Davis and Catlin Swift...

i MiSs YoU!!!

So before I was married and living the life of an Army Wife, I lived in Bremerton Washington with the 2 best room mates/friends a girl could ask for. Liz, I have known since high school and Cat I met from Liz when we first moved to B-town. As I'm going through some things right now, I notice myself looking back to the days when things were a lot more simple. We always had so much fun together and now we are all doing different things and living in different parts of the United States. Liz is now married and a mom to a beautiful baby girl living in Idaho and Cat is dating Daniel, playing volleyball for college and living in Olympia Washington. I've been wanting to do this post for a while but it hasn't been the right time until today. So heres to 2 of the girls I look up to more than words can express! Here's what I miss most about them and us! Love you girls and miss you so much!!

I miss Liz's breakfast of toast, eggs and bacon. I also miss living off cereal and chorizo with eggs and tortillas.

I miss taking the ferry and spending the day in Seattle eating Greek food, Indian food and just people watching.

I miss getting all dressed up to go out dinner for birthdays or just because we feel like it.

I miss going to Albertson's at like midnight dressed in boxers, sweat shirts and boots to make fun of the boys who work there.

I miss going to the Army Surplus store and messing around with all the discoveries and having people stare at us.

I miss dressing up for Spokane Shock games for mascot races and thinking we were really cool for bring on the promotion team.

I miss making homemade gifts. And spending 90% of our time is sweats and comfy clothes. (this is what happens when both of them are volleyball players!)

I miss dressing up for Halloween, going to a corn maze, trick-or-treating and a party or two!

I miss having Liz as my date for prom and drinking milk with ice.

I miss eating Gooey's at the resort until we were sick. Running into bad dates, walking around the boardwalk and making bets with boys on how many of these huge ice cream sundays they could actually finish!

I miss driving to Seattle just so we could go to Jamba Juice, PF changes and The Rack.
I miss considering myself Mormon by association so I can go to girls camp and canoe my heart out.
I miss going roller skating and bowling.

I miss when I had a bad day, they were always there which chocolate cake, coke, fruit snacks and any other junk food we needed to get through our bad day.

I miss making noise and taking silly pictures everywhere we went.

I miss sleeping in Liz's bed with Patch too.

I miss being with each other during some of the best and most important moments in our lives.

I miss driving around in Liz's truck, blasting music and getting pulled over by cops who ask stupid questions.

I miss eating Mexican food all the time. They were pretty much both half Mexican like me!
I miss having my room "HEART ATTACKED" for my birthday then returning the favor on their birthday.

I miss staying up and watching movies even though I was always the first to fall asleep.

I miss making dresses out of foil and doing rain dances in the kitchen at 2am to help certian things happen in life.

I miss talking all night and laughing until my stomach hurt.

I miss getting snow in B-town and going to play in it during the middle of the night.

I miss acting like big dorks and always having fun no matter who is watching.

I miss taking road trips to Idaho, going to rodeos and showing Cat the Idaho way of life.
I miss playing board games like "You might be a redneck if..." and using our best hillbilly voices.

The thing I miss the most is just being with each other all the time. We are all in different parts of our lives at this point but I'm so glad I had the chance to grow so much with these girls at my side!

I love you both :)


Anonymous said...

I love you SO much Kay!!! This made my day. Plus made me smile to no end. I miss all of this so so much. Thank you for this. I don't know where the time goes... But i wouldn't mind getting it back =)


The Shavers said...

That made me smile and laugh so much to read all of those fun memories we had together!!! We were AWESOME hahaha....I miss that time too, where there wasn't really much expected from us and we weren't responsible for much...I love you guys!