Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday to ME!!

I really had some mixed feelings about turning 21, on one hand I was so excited that I actually made it to my 21st birthday! Growing up that seemed like a million years away but it finally happened. I was also looking forward to being able to get a drink when I go out to eat with my parents or Eric. What can I say, I like beer :) But on the other hand I was sad Eric wasn't going to be here to enjoy it with me. And I also thought what the heck else do I have to look forward to after this birthday! My cousin then reminded me of how great life really is and how many more fun times and memories I will have to look forward to. So this is pretty much the events in my day! Its long and I will document it all for like purposes, so sorry if you don't drink or you don't like drinking. It was the best birthday ever, the only thing missing was Eric!!

After an extremely long drive from Idaho to California Sunday, I turned 21 in the car while passing through Woodland California. When I finally got to my house around 12:30, Kaitlyn was waiting with flowers balloons and a card. She then took me to Win Co to buy something just because I could! Please don't judge me for my awesome outfit, lack of make up or even a shower for that matter! It was 1 am..
Here I am walking to the cash register with my six pack of New Castle, I chose this simply because its what we had for Eric's birthday and he loves it!
WOO HOO!!! Outside Win Co with my drinks. It was a weird feeling and I thought I was going to get in trouble at any given moment, but I didnt :)

Here's me with my drinks!! I drank one for you Eric!!

After the store Kaitlyn and I went back to my house where I enjoyed one beer and opened my cards and mail sent from Eric as well as various family members! Thanks to you all!

Eric's sister Rhonda made me this deployment flag and I love it! Its really hard to find one and she totally surprised me with this. Its amazing and I cant wait to hang it in my house some where!

After I slept from 2:30 to 7:30am I was wide awake and beyond excited for the upcoming night ahead. So I went to the salon and enjoyed a pedicure and got my nails filled. The lady did and amazing job and it was so relaxing!! After that I picked Lexus up from school and headed to the mall to try and find something to wear. It didn't work out in my favor so I wore something I already owned! I met up with my Mom, Rich, Grandparents and Amanda for some drinks at El Toritos!

Rich, Me and my Mom.

Me with a huge strawberry margarita, I also had a peach raspberry one that was delish!


After drinks we went my grandparents house for cake and presents!

Me and my amazing mom, isn't she so cute!
My yummy chocolate black out cake

After cake and presents, I headed to BJ's Brew House with Amanda, Kaila and Stacey. We enjoyed avocado egg rolls, buffalo chicken pizza and a world famous Pazookie! It was so good!! I also had a raspberry lemon drop and a Surfer on Acid shooter

Me with my Raspberry Lemon Drop


After dinner we headed to the Grad for some dancing and drinking for me!

The stamp on my head got me a free drink :) A birthday shot to be exact!

My new friend Andreas also bought me a German Chocolate Cake shot which was amazing! if you have never had one, do, you wont regret it!

I also had a Pineapple Kamikaze and something else that I don't remember!

Amanda, me and Kaitlyn

Stacy and I taking a break from dancing!

These are the drinks that did me in, the shot glass was put into the other yellow stuff and drank quickly. The red one is a KGB and the other is a Long Island Ice Tea.


My new friend Andreas that bought me my first drink.

Me dancing to "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake

It was a long night after we got home and I was beyond hungover on Tuesday. But overall I think it was the best 21st birthday I could have asked for except Eric wasn't there. I again realized why it is I rarely drink and I remembered that after being sick. Heres to being 21 and happy birthday to me!!


StephanieAckley said...

I loved the blog!! Deff took me thorugh it and felt like i was there haha! well i was at least on the phone with you at 4am!!! hehe anyways babe im sooooo glad you had an awesome birthday:). keep bloginngg!!
xo loves you B*
ps. SUPER cute boots;)

Suzi Q said...

I freaking LOVE your boots! I have a pair too!