Sunday, October 18, 2009


Whenever someone looses someone close to them, I find it really hard to find words to help make them feel better. Sometimes it seems as if there is nothing that can be said to make the situation better. This past week my Best Friend Liz Shaver lost her brother-in-law Naki Maile. He was 32 years old and died suddenly. He leaves behind his wonderful wife Abby and 6 beautiful girls, ages 1-9. As you can imagine Abby as well as the girls will have a strong battle ahead in many different ways. An account has been set up for them during this tough time. It would be really great if you can donate anything at all to help this amazing family out. Please keep all of them in your prayers as they deal with this difficult time. Here are links to their family blog and website where you can donate. Thank you :)