Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He is really the best!!

So as I mentioned before, I came back from California last month. Well two days after I left my step mom called to tell me there was a package from Eric and she said she would send it to me and I finally got it yesterday!!

So first I saw this box inside a bigger box with other mail and I couldn't wait to open it!
The pink and black polka dots caught my eyes right away!!
This little box was inside with a note that said " I will always love you!"
I opened it and found this AMAZING necklace!!! i even squealed!!!
It is so beautiful and I just love it!
Here is a closer picture so you can see the pearl!
And here is a picture of me wearing my new necklace. Don't mind the fact that I have no make up on, I just got back from the gym! Also notice my smaller arms and shoulder definition! yay for the gym!!

This necklace is from Lisa Leonard Online and her website is

Last year I was reading the busy bee lauren blog found here:

Last year she had a give away from Lisa Leonard. I feel in love right away and casually mentioned it to Eric around Christmas time. I thought he probably forgot just like most men would so I was so thrilled when I opened the box and thats what it was!

I seriously have the most amazing husband EVER and can't believe almost 11 months has passed by with out him! I love you eric and thank you!!!


Just Anchored said...

Too cute! What a great hubby you have!

And are you flipping the blogger world off in the first picture?! LMAO..unintentionally of course! =P