Sunday, May 30, 2010

I figured it was time

Since I attempted to post a blog, but that didn't really happen, I'm going to give you the quick update as to why I have been MIA! Sorry no pictures (huge bummer!!!) but I will try to keep it really short!

First I made it back to Washington (WOO HOO) in April and it has been fantastic! After some awesome help from my parents, my new apartment is up and ready to go, the only thing Im missing is Eric!

My mom stayed for a week or so to help me out and after she left I was on the hunt for a job! After some great searching I got an interview at a Chiropractors Office. I didn't think it went that great, but on the same day I was called back for a second interview and then offered the job! My job is a little slow but I like it. While my boss is a little odd sometimes he's a nice guy so its been going well!

In addition to working, I made a new friend, Brittany (who I will post about later), and she is my new work out buddy! We work out 6 days a week and she kicks my booty! I lost 4 pounds my 1st week back and stayed the same last week. More stuff on working out later.

Lets see, so between work and working out, I don't really have a ton of free time. I usually go to work, to the gym then home! Where I eat, take a shower and go to bed. If I'm lucky Ill talk to Eric. Speaking of Eric, he is doing really well just super ready to come home. Not much longer now, I cant wait!

So there you go, my very fast, very boring, picture-less update! I will find time to post more pictures soon! And while I have been awful at posting comments, I promise I am still reading all of your blogs!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It about time!