Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally...a post or and update rather!

Well to anyone reading you should be happy to know that Eric and I are both alive and well. So much has happened since my last post that Im going to give a brief update and promise to try and post more often! I have been reading blogs but I need to comment more! So here goes:

Good Bye WASHINGTON, Hello COLORADO?!?!?: Thats right folks, we have moved to a different state and I am so out of my element its crazy! We are staying with Erics brother until we find a place of our own.

We traded the Army for real jobs: Erics last day with the US Army was on October 12th but he took a leave of absence for the month prior. I already miss military life so much but im getting used to civilian life! He now works as a bilingual manager at a warehouse here. But we havent completely left the military, He signed with a Hospital reserve unit out of Aurora CO.

House buying...wait, what?! So we are in the process of buying our own house and crazy as that sounds! We have a cute little one picked out but its a short sale so its taking a little longer than normal. Fingers crossed and prayers please that things move along so we can finally be in our own place again!

As for me, Im trying to find a job but its harder than I thought. Well thats all for now! Like i said, we could use some prayers and fingers and toes being crossed and as I remind myself, WELCOME TO COLORADO!


Suzi Q said...

Fingers are crossed for shizzle.

Kourtney said...

Did you find a house yet? Are you LOVING Colorado?!? I'm so jealous. I seriously want to live there again.